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When Should You Hire a Slip and Fall Lawyer?

Scott McCullough Dec. 21, 2021

If a person slips and falls on commercial property and gets injured, it’s only natural to think about starting a personal injury lawsuit. It’s wise to speak to a lawyer as soon as possible to learn whether there is even a legitimate case. With this type of accident, there is a really fine line when it comes to who is liable.

If you miscalculated and had an accident, and the property owner can prove it, there’s no case. On the other hand, some proprietors fail to do safety inspections or deliberately ignore hazards, so they don’t have to pay for repairs. Calling in the authorities can help you discover who was at fault.

There are certain things that an attorney can do to help when an injured person wants to start a lawsuit. Knowing when to hire a slip-and-fall attorney is essential.


Generally, in a slip-and-fall case that renders someone injured, it’s not always immediately apparent who is at fault. Insurance companies often ignore an injured person involved in a premise liability accident. With an attorney on their side, the injured party is much more likely to be taken seriously by the insurance company responsible for paying out damages. The lawyer’s first job in such a case is to get in contact with the property owner and the insurance company.


An attorney can confirm that the defendant is liable for their client’s accident and injuries. In general, if the property owner was negligent and didn’t reliably keep the property, they are at fault. Your lawyer will likely question you on how the accident and subsequent injury occurred. For example, if the plaintiff fell down the stairs, there has to be an explanation of how that happened. There may be questions of what kind of shoes you wore, which foot missed a step, whether the individual was holding the railing and more along those lines.


Retaining a slip and fall lawyer is helpful when determining the cost of damages. Medical expenses lost wages, and any ongoing treatment that is not covered by health insurance, all comes under consideration when your attorney puts your case together. They are there to fight specifically for you, so they’ll try to get you the best deal possible.

A first consultation is free, and most law firms only collect payment if you win your settlement. If you’re feeling the impact from a slip-and-fall accident, get representation immediately. Florida has a statute of limitations for this type of case, so it’s vital to pursue this suit as soon as possible. At the Law Offices of McCullough and Leboff, we have over 48 years of experience handling slip-and-fall cases in Davie. Contact us today for a free consultation regarding your claim.