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Medical Malpractice Attorneys Serving Fort Lauderdale, Flordia

Today, medical providers comprise a long list of professionals that goes well beyond the family doctor to include surgeons, anesthesiologists, dentists, optometrists, nurses, chiropractors, hospitals, and a myriad of different medical specialists. All share in common the duty to provide their patients with a standard of care determined by their profession. When mistakes are made that diverge from the standard and patients suffer serious injury or death, grounds for medical malpractice may exist.

Victims of medical malpractice suffer physically as well as emotionally and financially. A single negligent act can create a life of pain and suffering. In such a case, the victim is entitled to compensation for their hardship. If you or a beloved family member have fallen victim to medical malpractice, seeking a settlement from the negligent party is one way to get your life back on track.

Understanding Medical Malpractice in Florida

Not every medical error results in injury and not every injury following medical care is related to a doctor’s mistake. Most medical malpractice lawyers require a serious injury or death before they will consider investigating a potential claim. However, when medical malpractice causes severe damage or death, you have every right to consult with a lawyer and discuss your potential claim. Medical errors cause severe and ongoing financial hardship and a claim may be the only way to cover needed care for a loved one and pay for exorbitant medical costs.

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Pursuing a Medical Malpractice Claim in Florida

Because bringing a medical malpractice suit is time-consuming, very costly, and requires expert testimony, obtaining an attorney is essential for any malpractice case. Florida medical malpractice laws establish strict time limitations for filing claims and dictate a very tedious pre-suit process that must be complied with. Additionally, Florida laws have recently been changed to place restrictions on some of the monetary amounts that can be recovered

There are four components necessary to seek compensation for medical malpractice:

  • An established provider/patient relationship

  • Negligence on behalf of the healthcare provider

  • The patient experienced substantial injuries or death

  • The provider caused the injury/death by failing to provide appropriate care

Any person who suffers an injury as a result of a medical procedure should seek advice from a trusted attorney regarding whether they have grounds for a medical malpractice case.

Underlying Causes of Medical Malpractice

All medical malpractice cases are highly dependent on the circumstances surrounding the case. The case you present and the compensation you receive are based upon the injury you received or negligence you experienced. Common reasons for medical malpractice suits include :

  • Failure to diagnose

  • Misdiagnosis

  • Surgical error

  • Mishandled delivery at birth

  • Pressure ulcers

  • Restraint injuries

  • Blood transfusion errors

  • Inaccurate x-ray or diagnostic readings

  • Prescription errors

  • Administrative mistakes

  • Infection after treatment

If you’ve experienced any of these issues, it’s imperative to seek assistance from a trusted medical malpractice attorney. They are knowledgeable about how to navigate your situation and will work with you to develop a strong case for compensation.

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