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Victims of slip and fall injuries experience physical and emotional trauma from their accident that can stay with them for decades. It’s important to hold property and homeowners responsible for not taking care to keep their premises free of dangers that could harm others. Their failure to follow through on their responsibilities to maintain a hazard-free space leads to easily preventable accidents.

Slip and fall victims who get injured at the workplace, at a friend’s home, or their favorite shopping center in Davie, FL may have the opportunity to bring suit for damages. These cases seek compensation to cover the cost of damages and injuries, including pain and suffering. Consulting a team of attorneys who specialize in slip & fall accidents is an essential step.

Common Slip and Fall Causes

The cause of your slip and fall accident will determine whether you have a compensation case. Causes of these accident types are wide and varied, but often have the same underlying reason: negligence on the part of the property owner for not keeping the premises safe.

Below are common reasons for a slip and fall injury:

  • Unrepaired potholes

  • Uneven pavement

  • Slippery floors and surfaces

  • Unsecured or missing handrails

  • Stairs that are uneven, loose, or missing

  • Trip hazards like unmarked electric cords or debris

It’s essential to visit a doctor as soon as possible if you get hurt from slipping or tripping. Don’t minimize your discomfort and try to tough it out because your injury could worsen while you wait.

Responsibility of The Property Owner

Florida law states that property owners or managers need to meet two requirements to ensure the safety of others on their premises:

  • Maintain the property in a way that keeps visitors, employees, and other guests safe from hazards

  • Any known dangers or risks need repairs made right away and give visitors a clear warning of the problem until completion

These two factors play a significant role in any slip and fall case because of necessary proof that the owner of the property was somehow negligent in their responsibilities.

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Establishing Duty of Care in Slip and Fall Cases

The first step in a slip and fall injury case is to prove that the owner of the property had a responsibility to show care for your safety. This means establishing that you were a welcome guest on the premises. Types of places that would include this condition are:

  • Grocery stores

  • Amusement parks

  • Malls

  • Schools

  • Hotels

  • Apartment complexes

  • Theaters

  • Bars

  • Parking Lots

Public places like parks and beaches or someone’s personal home might require additional evidence to establish a duty of care.

Breach of Duty in Premises Liability Claims

This factor demonstrates negligence on the part of the property owner in several ways. Typically, your attorney will prove that the owner knew there was a hazard and didn’t make the repair in a reasonable time, or they didn’t warn you about this danger or give you enough warning about its existence.

The Hazard Caused Your Slip and Fall

Linking the dangerous conditions to your fall is a critical part of your injury case. Your lawyer will need to collect photographic evidence, videos of the area where you fell, and even witness and expert witness testimony. Medical evidence is another vital proof, and this is why the sooner you get checked out, the stronger your case becomes.

Suffering of Damages

Finally, the court expects you to link any claimed damages with your injury and have documentation of those losses. There are many types of damages one may suffer due to a slip and fall accident, some of which include:

  • Lost wages

  • Pain and suffering

  • Job loss

  • Punitive damages

  • Medical bills

Gathering all the necessary medical records, wage statements, and medical bills may feel like an overwhelming process. The first step in a Davie personal injury case is to prove that the owner of the property had a responsibility to show care for your safety.

Proving Fault in A Slip and Fall Accident

Sometimes we get hurt because we did not pay attention to our surroundings or posted warnings of hazards around us. The state of Florida has specific exemptions for property owners when visitors get injured on their property. These exemptions state that the manager of the property is exempt if:

  • The injured trespassed or didn’t have the authorization to enter the premises

  • The injured misbehaved or participated in activities that led to the injury

Even if you did contribute to your slip and fall, it’s important to understand that there are still other options you can pursue.

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If you or a loved one received injuries on someone else’s property and now need help paying your medical costs, our slip and fall attorneys can assist with filing a claim. With the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer, you will have a better understanding of what your rights are and how to get compensated.

At the Law Offices of McCullough & Leboff, P.A., we strive to help the injured and traumatized begin their road to recovery by holding negligent property owners accountable. With 48 years of experience handling slip-and-fall cases in Davie, you can rely on our in-depth knowledge of court process and negotiation to get you the best possible outcome. Contact our office today to discuss the details of your case with us and learn more about what your rights are regarding your injury.