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What to Do After an Accident: Crucial Steps You Should Take

Scott McCullough Oct. 1, 2018

Car accidents are unfortunate, but they are also inevitable. People can’t predict when one might occur, but it’s important to take the appropriate steps after an accident. One of the most important is to get in touch with an attorney, especially if there are injuries.

Here are the most important things to do after an accident, whether you are at fault or not.

What to Do After a Car Accident

Although you may be in shock after a car accident, the first thing you should do is contact the police, so that they can take an accident report. It’s also important to seek medical attention in case of injuries. Even if you feel fine after a car accident, this step is vital as there may be internal injuries that may not yet be apparent.

It is equally essential that you keep all documentation relating to their injuries so that you can have proof if you choose to file a personal injury claim. It’s essential to listen to the doctor’s orders regarding treatment, medical testing, and medication. Not doing this can result in an insurance company arguing that your injuries are not as severe as the person claims.

Those involved in a car accident should also take pictures of the scene for documentation to potentially use as proof. Taking photos of the road, including skid marks, the vehicles, traffic signals, and anything else pertinent can only help, especially if the other party disputes the claim.

Exchanging information with the other driver is also wise. You should get the names and contact information of witnesses around the scene of the accident as well. However, it’s a good idea to avoid talking too much without a lawyer. Admitting to being at fault or even apologizing can get your claim thrown out.

When to Hire an Attorney

Having a lawyer on your side can only benefit you in the long run. It is even more essential to have legal representation in the event of fatalities. Seasoned personal injury lawyers have the knowledge and experience dealing with insurance companies, the police, medical personnel and Florida’s evolving accident right laws. They know what a fair and reasonable settlement offer is based on their client’s case as well and can ensure that the insurance company doesn’t swindle you into accepting an insufficient settlement offer.

When to Get an Attorney for A Car Accident

If you sustain an injury after a car accident, you should get in contact with an experienced lawyer. Florida has a two-year statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim, which means that after this period passes, you lose your right to pursue compensation for accident-related damages.

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