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What to Do After a Slip-And-Fall Accident

Scott McCullough Dec. 21, 2021

When businesses and storefronts refuse to fix obvious hazards, they are putting themselves at risk. An accident can happen anywhere, even in Davie. If a person slips and falls and becomes injured, they are entitled to compensation. The owner has a responsibility to keep areas safe for visitors. Many of these injuries require expensive medical treatment, so the best thing to do is to call an attorney to help you collect the funds you need to get your life on track.

If you slip, fall, trip over something, or injure yourself while you’re on any premises that don’t belong to you, there are a few steps you should take immediately after the disaster.


A person who slips and falls should immediately call 911 if they hurt themselves while on someone else’s property. Dialing the authorities is a necessary step, especially if the individual plans on filing a claim with an insurance company. A police report can serve as proof in a court case. It’s the best record you’ll get. Police know what to look for and will take notes regarding who is at fault. The authorities can also get medical help for the injured party.


After a fall, the individual should avoid talking about anything with any employees or the property owner. A person should never admit anything, as that could be construed as clumsiness or guilt for their slip and fall. However, the injured person should exchange contact information with the business manager or property owner.


Any business or public place has an owner that has to keep track of the goings-on. There should be an incident report filed on the part of the company as well. If you have to go to court, get a copy of this document. It will have relevant information regarding the slip and fall accident, who was at fault, and the landlord’s assessment of what happened. The judge will compare this report to the police report to see if the information matches up.


If there were any witnesses to the slip and fall, the injured party should get their contact information as well. Witnesses are integral to injury cases and can provide proof of the accident. It’s also a good idea for the individual to use their smartphone camera to take pictures of the area where the slip and fall occurred to serve as proof of the dangerous conditions that led up to the accident.


A person who has sustained an injury after a slip and fall accident should contact a reputable personal injury attorney in Davie immediately after. Discussing the situation sooner rather than later is best when there are plans to start a personal injury suit. A lawyer can also get the ball rolling earlier, which can only benefit the injured person. Additionally, seeing an attorney immediately can ensure that witnesses will more readily be available and will recall what happened.

At the Law Offices of McCullough and Leboff, we have over 22 years of experience in the handling of slip and fall cases in Davie and throughout Florida. Contact us today for a free consultation regarding your claim.