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Tips to Avoid Road Rage Situations in Davie

Scott McCullough May 1, 2019

South Florida roadways are notorious for constant traffic jams that bring out the worst behavior in drivers. Frustration after a long day at work gets compounded when other drivers lose their temper and behave recklessly, which endangers the lives of motorists stuck in the commute.

If a driver puts on a fitful show of rage, you may not know how to respond to diffuse the situation. Many times we can’t do anything but sit and watch as drivers react by tailgating, attempt to pursue the offending vehicle or use dangerous maneuvers to exhibit their anger.

Understanding Road Rage

In Florida, the third leading cause of car accidents on the roadways is road rage. When someone acts out and tries to hurt someone else on the road intentionally, they’re committing this crime. Often individuals exhibiting road rage behavior will act violently and drive extremely aggressively and in ways that endanger other drivers on the road. These types of incidents can also involve actions like:

  • Physically attacking others

  • Yelling at other motorists

  • Making threats toward other drivers

  • Attempting to or committing murder

  • Dangerous driving maneuvers

  • Tailgating and stalking other drivers

  • Speeding

  • Ignoring traffic signs or laws

  • Flashing the car’s headlights

It’s important to remember that many of these instances are avoidable; drivers need to stay focused on getting to their destination safely. Don’t let someone who has cut you off in traffic or honked their car horn cause you to lose your composure.

Avoid Offending Other Drivers

Sometimes the best way to avoid a conflict is to pay attention to your driving habits. Driving slowly in the fast lane, not moving over for vehicles overtaking you, tailgating, or cutting someone off are trigger points for many drivers.

Do Not Engage Angry Drivers

Angry drivers can cause a dangerous situation if you respond in a way they perceive as a further engagement. Do your best not to make any eye contact and give their vehicles plenty of room. If the situation escalates and you feel you’re in danger, get to a safe place or call the police.

Bad Traffic and Drivers Are Normal

It’s normal to encounter congested traffic and inconsiderate motorists on the road with you, and it’s important not to take it personally. Stay relaxed and not try to draw attention to your frustration about lousy traffic and rude drivers.

Buckle Up

Road rage causes dangerous situations, from braking too quickly to erratically swerving through traffic. Your seatbelt is your first line of defense in a hairy traffic situation, so always wear it.

Don’t Retaliate

No matter how much you want to retaliate with equally angry behavior toward drivers who act rude to you, keep yourself in check. You don’t know how the person in the other vehicle will react and retaliating can make the situation much worse, even dangerous.

Florida Road Rage Law

Florida law does not directly address road rage criminally, but a 2010 law demands that drivers who have been convicted of or pleaded no contest to crash-related traffic offenses within three years must attend a driver’s education class.

Motorists who cause accidents due to reckless and/or aggressive driving face severe criminal consequences. Civil claims are also possible, depending on the circumstances involved.

Charges that could stem from a road rage-related accident include:

  • Assault

  • Kidnapping

  • Battery

  • Negligence

  • Purposeful emotional distress

If a driver intentionally tries and/or succeeds in hurting another person(s), punitive damages are possible.

Davie Road Rage Accident Attorneys

If another driver victimized you or a loved one during what you believe was a road rage incident, it’s essential to contact an experienced car accident attorney right away. You deserve justice for the trauma you suffered and compensation for injuries you may have received. Don’t feel intimidated by the court process because your attorney will represent your rights and make decisions to protect your future.

The Law Offices of McCullough and Leboff, PA understands that a car accident will leave your life changed forever, and we are dedicated to protecting our clients against negligent parties and denied insurance claims. Since we are committed to fighting for your rights as an auto accident victim, our fees are contingency-based. You pay nothing unless we recover compensation owed to you for your injuries and costs. Let our experience of 23 years resolving road rage incidents put your mind at ease.

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