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How Can Technology Help Your Truck Accident Case?

Scott McCullough Dec. 21, 2021

In the year 2020, technology has made everyday tasks easier for both individuals and businesses. Technology in GPS devices helps drivers on the road each day, and the trucking industry is no exception in using tech to its advantage. Innovative truck companies are using fleet monitoring technology more frequently to improve both truck drivers’ safety on the roads and efficiencies in operations.

While fleet monitoring technology benefits the trucking industry, it also has benefits to support your case if you or a loved one suffered harm in a truck wreck.


Fleet Monitoring Technology is a term that encompasses a variety of technological forms. The most popular include the following:

  • Telematics: a system that gives truck driving companies data in real-time on the truck driver’s location, their habits behind the wheel, and diagnostic knowledge on the truck itself.

  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems: a system designed to automate some of the driver’s responsibilities behind the wheel – like detecting blind spots and adaptive cruise control.

  • Collision Avoidance Systems: sensors that detect when other vehicles or objects are too close and either warns the driver or avoids a crash by automatically braking or returning the truck to its lane.

Using cameras, GPS, sensors, and complex algorithms, this technology screens the driver’s habits behind the wheel, the mechanics in the truck, and other important truck safety measures. These safety improvements can drastically improve the trucking industry, and an increasing number of companies in the United States have already or are in the process of incorporating these fleet monitoring systems to improve safety, reduce costs, and increase productivity.


The technology used in the trucking industry has many uses for drivers. Telematics, especially, helps avoid an accident by employing the following operations:

  • Alerts drivers when they’re speeding

  • Diverts trucks away from congested traffic

  • Sends trucking companies statistics and data on the driver’s activities

  • Diagnoses mechanical issues remotely, so maintenance runs smoothly

When truck companies use telematics continuously and implement safety regulations, the risk of fatal truck accidents can be significantly reduced.


Truck driving accidents are complicated and require a healthy amount of evidence to prove how the truck driver or the trucking company was negligent and liable for the crash. Sophisticated fleet monitoring systems can assist in gathering this evidence through the data they provide. For example, telematics can furnish information on the truck’s route, speed, and pattern for accelerating and braking.

With data gathered from fleet monitoring technology, an experienced truck accident attorney can reconstruct the accident for a judge in a trial, challenge the testimony of the driver if it’s false, and prove negligence on the trucking company or driver’s part. On the other hand, if you were involved in a truck accident that did not utilize this fleet monitoring technology, that can also be a foundation for proving negligence. By ignoring the readily available technology created to improve safety, the truck company can be found negligent.


Sometimes it doesn’t matter how carefully an individual drives on the road – accidents happen. Seeking the experienced help of a truck accident attorney is the best thing any person can do in this situation. Attorneys at the Law Offices of McCullough & Leboff have more than 48 years of combined experience practicing personal injury law in Florida and have helped countless clients in the South Florida region with their car crash claims. Call us or fill out a free case evaluation form. Our attorneys are empathetic and passionate about helping people receive the results and compensation they deserve after the frightening experience of being in a truck accident.