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Giving Back During The Holiday Season

Scott McCullough Dec. 21, 2021

The holidays can be a busy time for families caught up in all the fun activities going on and all the shopping that needs to be done, but it’s also a time of year when giving back can be so meaningful and impactful. That’s one of the reasons why the team at McCullough & Leboff, PA, has made a commitment over the past few years to assist families in the community who could use a helping hand.

While many people call this “The most wonderful time of the year,” sometimes we forget that for a lot of individuals and families in our community, it simply may not be, and they find themselves struggling to make ends meet.

That’s why, during every Thanksgiving for the past several years, the law firm based in Davie, Florida, has purchased turkeys and hams to be given to those in the community that might not be able to afford one. Attorney Scott T. McCullough noted that the firm does this through a community church in Lauderhill, Florida, True Gospel Ministry.

“This is a church that I have been providing support to for many years,” Scott says.

For the entire McCullough & Leboff family, this is about the true meaning of the holiday season: taking advantage of this opportunity each year to partner with a church and its amazing congregation as they provide food for families as their main Thanksgiving meal. Seeing how appreciative the families are as they arrive at the church to be given turkey or ham to take home is something that can truly warm your heart.

The attorneys at McCullough & Leboff have spent more than 48 years handling all types of personal injury cases, helping local individuals and families put their lives back together after a traumatic accident or other harmful incidents. Our team cares about the community in other ways. We recognize that giving back to our community is a major part of what keeps us together and helps our society function, and it’s just one of many ways that we can all help make the world a brighter place this holiday season.

That’s what the true spirit of the holiday season is all about: giving thanks and lending a helping hand to those in need.