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Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Florida

Scott McCullough March 1, 2021

Motorcycle riding is a pastime for many Floridians. Sunny skies and warm weather are perfect conditions for an afternoon ride. However, operating a motorcycle can be extremely dangerous. Bikers do not have the same protections as vehicle passengers do, making an accident more likely to result in tragic consequences. All riders must be aware of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents in Florida to keep themselves safe.

No matter how responsible motorcyclists are, accidents still happen. When one does occur, it may cause serious injury and extensive property damage. You might even be out of work without pay, adding stress about affording medical and repair costs. Contact a motorcycle accident lawyer in South Florida who can handle your case while you focus on recovery.

Head-On Collisions with Another Vehicle

Many accidents happen when another vehicle hits a motorcycle head-on, and they often occur on two-way streets. It can also happen if another driver is going the wrong way or traveling on the wrong side of the road. When a car crashes head-on with a motorcycle, the injuries can be devastating. Both vehicle drivers and motorcyclists can avoid these accidents by driving slower and with fewer distractions.

Cars Turning Left

Many crashes involving motorcycles occur when cars make a left turn, most commonly at intersections. Motorcyclists should always approach an intersection cautiously, even when they have the right of way. Additionally, never attempt to overtake a vehicle when approaching an intersection.

Illegal Lane Splitting

All motorcyclists must abide by the same rules and regulations drivers do, including operating their vehicle in a single lane. Some motorcyclists, though, participate in what’s known as lane splitting. This is when a biker drives between two lanes of slowed or stopped traffic. Since there is not much space between vehicles, crashes can occur with the most minor of car movements.

Motorcycle riders can avoid these crashes by exercising a bit of patience. Additionally, lane splitting in Florida is illegal, so you might also receive a traffic citation.

Blind Spot Accidents

When a driver switches lanes, they are supposed to ensure that the other lane is clear. Unfortunately, many motorcyclists are victims of drivers who do not look before merging. Never ride in a vehicle’s blind spot because it puts you at risk. A driver’s blind spot includes the space behind the car and the driver’s immediate right and left.

Speeding Over the Limit

Speeding is often a factor in motorcycle accidents in Florida. Lawmakers put speed limits in place for everyone’s safety. Remember that a speed limit is for optimal driving conditions. If road or weather conditions are poor, you should reduce your speed below the limit. If you encounter a driver who is excessively speeding, it’s best to pull over or merge to the other lane and wait for them to pass. When it’s safe to do so, report them to law enforcement.

Dangerous Road and Weather Conditions

Due to their two-wheel structure, motorcycles are not as stable as cars. Potholes, wet roads, and uneven pavements can be deadly to riders. To reduce your risk of being in an accident, avoid riding in rainy or foggy conditions, and stick to a familiar route when riding at night.

What Compensation Can I Receive from A Motorcycle Crash?

All Florida motorcycle accidents are different, so the compensation you receive depends on the accident and injuries. After a thorough review of the crash, your attorney might be able to secure financial compensation for the following losses.

  • Medical bills

  • Lost wages

  • Physical therapy

  • In-home rehabilitation

  • Property damage

One thing you should never do following an auto accident is put your faith in an insurance company. Their goal is to maximize their profits, which means employing tactics to deny or reduce your claim. Partnering with an attorney is your best chance at receiving compensation for your accident expenses.

Skilled Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in South Florida Will Fight for You

If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident in Florida, reach out to the attorneys at the Law Offices of McCullough & Leboff. You can be confident that we will do everything possible to secure you a fair settlement. With more than 25 years of experience, we have the skills needed to negotiate with insurers and take your case to trial, if necessary. Call us or complete our contact form to schedule a free consultation.